Semantic analysis of software specifications with Linked Data

Michal Nykl
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology (2014)
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Research topics

Semantic analysis


Authors: Martin Dostal, Michal Nykl, Karel Je┼żek. Software development life cycle is the process involved in the design, development and improvement of a software application. Nowadays especially component systems are used due to possibility of implementing reusable independent modules. The individual module, known as a software component, can be implemented in a form of a software package, a web service or a web resource that encapsulates a set of related functions. Software products are derived in a configuration process by composing different components. Moreover a software product line enables stakeholders to derive a different software products based on their needs. This fact and need for validation of the software product and its components requires methods for software specification processing and matching with concrete sw properties. In this article we will propose an approach for semantic analysis of software specifications with Linked Data.

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