Ing. Pavel Přibáň


Ph.D. student


Ondřej Pražák and Pavel Přibáň and Stephen Taylor and Jakub Sido
UWB at SemEval-2020 Task 1: Lexical Semantic Change Detection
Proceedings of the Fourteenth Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (2020)
Pavel Přibáň and Tomáš Hercig and Josef Steinberger
Machine Learning Approach to Fact-checking in West Slavic Languages
Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing, RANLP 2019 (2019)
Jakub Piskorski and Laska Laskova and Michał Marcińczuk and Lidia Pivovarova and Pavel Přibáň and Josef Steinberger and Roman Yangarber
The Second Cross-Lingual Challenge on Recognition, Normalization, Classification, and Linking of Named Entities across Slavic Languages
Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Balto-Slavic Natural Language Processing (2019)
Named entitity recognition
Pavel Přibáň and Stephen Taylor
ZCU-NLP at MADAR 2019: Recognizing Arabic Dialects
Proceedings of the Fourth Arabic Natural Language Processing Workshop (2019)
Pavel Přibáň and Tomáš Hercig and Ladislav Lenc
UWB at SemEval-2018 Task 1: Emotion Intensity Detection in Tweets
Proceedings of The 12th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation (2018)
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Sentiment analysis
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